7cc50148172ccf3362dae4f87766f331I had crushed on him for so long, it hurt.

But finally he asked me out,

and i was so excited about my first date with him.

so many date nights followed and eventually i got bored

Or is it that i craved for more?

I hopped from one to the other seeking for more

this took all the time i should have spent with him

but the more bars i visited,

the more i hungered.

My heart swung back and forth

between the need for routine and the urge to run

but he still waited on me

Even when i dated him only over the weekend

because i didn’t have much to do anyways

every evening he sat at the place we first met

and every time i passed by.

last night, in his eyes i saw a light

like the first time we met , he blossomed.

This time he didn’t ask me to Date him, never did in the beginning,

i created excuse not to commit.

He asked me for a commitment.

i was now frustrated with sleepless nights

my days were not comfortable,

But, he had my attention.





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