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6498b752c9df5254d4197ab5ecb7a55dI could say,religion raised me. Growing up, it was unheard of to go to church in trousers. I was a tomboy and i loved jeans but Sundays while i got ready for Sunday school, you would hear my mothers voice echoing,’Trousers do not go to church or short skirts Sharo!’ And that way the girl in me was discovered. I argued that the bible says ‘come as you are’ but maybe till today, my thought of it was/is a complete version of the scriptures. “come as you are you who are week and heavy laden” NOT those naked because you are being fashion forward. Before i got saved, each time i visited a pentecostal church i was depressed by the dress code and sometimes i felt like walking up to someone and say “those are leggings not jeans! or those are tights not trousers or that skirt is too club like to be seen in this realm.”.

Maybe my mother knew the meaning of proverbs 22:6 or some children are just big headed so they depart from these ways but sincerely,how do you feel comfortable in thigh high damaged jeans and a crop top inside church. Okay, its trendy but how do you leave your room/house and go to church dressed to destruct? I could promise you that it’s the devil building a destruction tower in you and you need to learn to dress for and to the occasion because the last i checked, fashion was about that besides being trendy.

Last Sunday as i walked out of church after the service, a lady walking infront of me was wearing body stockings (you could call them tights) and a netted shrug dress-top. i could swear she had a problem with her head. Do your mothers dress like that to church? for heaven-sake its a church service NOT blankets and wines. Kindly be modest, respect the place or do you forget, Your body is the temple of the lord and be mindful how yo treat and use it. Even christian men are human, LEAD them not to temption!

They say the church isn’t a place for saints only, I am not saying do not come to church because you have no decent dressing all am saying be mindful of the image you wear. If it does not give glory to his name, kindly invest in one decent outfit.

Well, i will share a few pictures and please pick a leaf! (ooh i was dying to blog about this!)

20 thoughts on “The Church #UGBlogWeek

  1. So I disagree slightly… and I hope it’s okay with you that I can engage with you on this, right here on your blog.

    Like you, I grew up tomboy as well… Well, lol! I still am – and while it is true that the state of dress has been taken quite extreme in some cases, I thought, the Church is **not** for saints… Hence you will find this dress code in Church – until such a time as a heart is truly convicted and chooses leggings instead of tights or T-shirt instead of see-through net.

    Again, like you rightly point out, there are some Churches that have more of these than others – but WHY? is it that the teaching at that Church is different? Do they not preach of the same Christ? or is it that they have found a little more acceptance that they can begin to nurture a sense of belonging in that Church. Then with time – as you pointed out on Twitter I think (lol! Bambi, i am not stalking you) – God works on the inside and then outside begins to reflect the nature of the change.

    I say this with moderation though… Like there are outliers in every case, there might be those of us who even with the conviction in our hearts chose… “Apana! I will wear that net because it brings out my Victoria Secrets bulungi” – If you have a relationship with said individual, you should speak to them. If they jam, “Banange, God is able… **insert wink**”

    PS: I apologise for the mini blogpost in your comments section… However, thanks for blogging about this – it has become a popular topic.

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    1. its okay to turn this into a minor blog post. thanks for the feed back. No, i dnt ve aissues with any one in particular but with the church as a whole. i do understand thea pipo who really refuse and say No the legging for me will work but does that make it appropriate? No. Do some churches preach a different christ? No. that’s not my place to speak of but its because the liberty is taken for granted and the church fails as well to pay attention to this but if he does the cleaning inside out one day u grow to change. if u feel after christ and not just attend church bse its sunday thea certain things u get to understand deep. And btw u didnt disagree u simply agreed.It takes time, when u belong u get comfy but when the christian nature grows sth abt u also transforms. mine myt ve been a parenting like thing but to others the scriptures teach u

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      1. Ahhhh… Yes! I get you now. We need to be intentional as Christians an not loose our spark. Yes!! I get you!

        My charge to you is to say a quick prayer. Tehehe, someone might role their eyes at this. I feel like God is very intentional with who he lets be passionate about certain things and clearly this is a topic that has been on your heart. I love that you have blogged about it… Now we also get to join your prayer.

        Lol! I should stop here.

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      1. No, its not. Its a Pentecostal church with vibrant young people.But because we human beings are weak people when it comes to sexuality and sexual sin. Preventive measure are put in place to not tempt others.


  2. Many times you look at a lady and wonder but what I’ve learnt is to let them be. People choose places, that’s why todate, you wont find some dresscodes in given places but I choose to look at such people as a work in progress. With time, I think, they change.


  3. Like Joel earlier mentioned, sweet temptations, as men, our mind’s will play with all words so that the act feels legitimate but temptation it is nonetheless… Have mercy on me a sinner.
    We all can’t be saints, can we?

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  4. I was a tomboy too and still have traces of it from time to time. Many time I just dodged church because of the restrictions on outfits. And then one day there was a church that had no problem with the drunks and those in ripped jeans and chuck taylors. And as we kept going we exchanged the ripped jeans and the bottle for cute knee length dresses and sober sunday mornings because the inside transformed the outside. I have since moved on from that church because it still caters to the drunks and sheer net clad, and I am a transformed being. But if they hadn’t pretended not to see my outfits I would still not be a changed being. When God says come as you are he does not put a BUT.

    I think you should keep an eye on the sheer tights with a net top girl. If with time her outfit does not change then maybe its not her. Why isn’t the message getting through to her? Why are we always quick to point fingers? Your mama taught you better maybe her’s didn’t know the inside of the church. Personally in my lost state I would have keep wearing them to spite the miss goody two shoes. But someone loved the lost in me instead of judging it and thats what brought about the transformation.

    Sorry for the mini blog on your blog. I just have a special place in my heart for lost cases. hihi.

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    1. heeeyy am not judging no one en i cnt promise to kip tabs cz theaz alot of people sometimes my focus is else where.Am glad u transformed. this was just a concern and yes we dnt continue to sin bse grace is abundant. i aint pointing fingers but frm my point of view the church which is both the people and the building ought to do what is right. transformation takes time i knw but when i spoke of it its only bse i ve seen it happen daily different places. God puts no but but Amos 3:3. u need to agree before u take the walk. changing comes with acceptance. i knw when he wants u smwhere he makes sure he gets u there but do these agree?. thanks for the comment thou


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