My Nudity,Rhetoric #UgBlogWeek

394439db8b07fe038b9ab84304f38faf‘Nze nina ekitone walayi…’ and then after another one goes humming “He wasn’t man enough for me…” Then why the hell did u pose naked for him, is it love or madness and men who publish do your pictures are drunk all their life?
Well its your “Ekitone” and since it’s one of the things we can’t borrow, knock yourself out but make sure when when you grow old and it also grows u don’t go crying or when u stop putting it to practice and the muscles get weak you can still say “I wore my talent like heels on a soggy ground in my days”.
Well, am not sure what I want to communicate but am just saying, maybe I am wondering what pride is in having your nudes published and what does society find so fun about sharing nakedness especially the youth and men? (okay its like asking what is cool about porn?) but yes what?
What happened to the society where women where raised to fear their vaginas, respect their nakedness and sex was only bedroom talk even when you had to be discussing it with your sisters it was bedroom talk.
I am not saying that we shouldn’t discuss sex publicly because i am one of the few who love to do that or that we should fear our vaginas.I am simply wondering what happened to the women who are supposed to be like role models playing the part, what happened to tradition, what happened to men (because if u two agreed then why publish the nudes?) revenge?
Maybe the society i live in has lost its morals, maybe the liberty is taken for granted.Maybe i love the era where we were taught to fear all this because the decency and respect was soaring.
Men like to mislead us. They enjoy seeing a woman dressed skimpy but most of them would never take such for a wife.

Why do female nudes sale more than Male nudes, do women find them embarrassing?

4 thoughts on “My Nudity,Rhetoric #UgBlogWeek

  1. I think oba revenge – for those who are out to get the people who wronged them.
    Then there are others – for money (Porn industry as you have stated). I dont know if times have changed in as much as it is we are just more open about it than in the 70’s.

    Before Playboy, it was Brothels & Madames.

    Lol, I am not even sure what I am saying – As usual Sharon, your blog leaves me with questions and thoughts.

    These nude socks belong to me.


  2. Nakedness should be a matter of course and not a sexual recourse. If people were more open if people relaxed naked in everyday life rather than being told its wrong,maybe life wouldn’t be so stressful. It’s our natural state so why not accept it and move on. If you see enough nude people in life it definitely removes the media driven titerlation urges.

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