What is in a name? #UgBlogWeek Day 4

Israel(the triumphant of God) originally you name was Nations(that’s when i first really had expectant friends close and they called their unborn tinny,Dexter Etc. Nations sounded much better for me because i have grown to understand some things. In my culture they say ‘mind what name you give your child because they may become that’ i say “mind the things you speak over your children because the tongue can create like my bible says. When you grow up, kindly be your own man but incorporate these men into you character.David,Solomon, Hosea and Joesph. But even when you do not be sure God will raise you to fit in these characters because daily i have asked and when you are ready to read Mathew 7:7 and understand your bible you will know.
Therefore if you aren’t ready yo be a servant in the house of the lord then i suggest keep in my womb.(you must be thinking your mother is a mad one.) yes, in Christ am mad. Kindly note that everything i shall teach you, so will you guide your brothers Jerusalem (dwelling place of God) and Nazareth (sanctified). I do not plan on raising cowards but sons who will not know how to get anything without using there knees, NOT wife beaters but Men who will understand love on the foundation of Christ.
The size of your fists does not make you am man neither will the echo of your voice. Ask God to teach you and raise you into the man that he desires you become because he knew you before you were born or conceived. he had a plan for your life well aligned so when any questions arise,remember you can always turn to him because i can only be your mummy not your God. God is love.
this i write to you my sons because i was wondering, what is in a name? what’s in speaking to the unborn? When i see my life i relate a lot with Sharon (plain of lilies-how beautiful!) when i see my local name Bugingo (Trust),Atwine (God is with us/has us) and the rest i own. Maybe i am my Name, Maybe Not but i desire that u speak to generations but his love, that you preach to nations about his grace. I do don’t know why i write but maybe but when you ever land on this, know its what i called yo before Jeremiah,Joshua or Elkanah.But Mostly Understand and find out what God called you before i thought of you.

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