BETHANY. #UgBlogWeek Day 5

In this Bethany i sit,

with a song in my heart,

a calmness of voices like

a wind’s driving force,

it blows tears down my cheeks

with a simple grace in motion.
A glory so divine…

I am the MVP of favor,

seer, lover, priestess.

A song making me New.

It’s my freedom song.

A bedtime lullaby,

a soother for my pain.

See…its shinning in my heart.

If i was a song bird,

say a humming bird.

Maybe a writer.

I would listen to every note played,

put on replay like a stereo.

It sounds like a love song.

Playing louder than my heart beat

silencing all voices in my head

healing my wounds

cleansing my flaws and wrinkle

Liberating me of my fears

Pieces of acapella play in my sleep

causing my heart  to starter.

I think it’s a worship song

with a scent I can’t define

Maybe it’s a reggae track

 I am drunk in this bethany


I am slain



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