ADDICTIONS #UgBlogWeek Day 6

I wish I loved beers as much as most people my age or couldn’t do with things like the PSP. Sleep,Sleep sleep!.I love to dance but am not addicted  because I can do without it. I adore flowers but I simply end at that. Maybe I haven’t found you yet, My Rib I mean. 

When my skies are grey and my world feels as small as my palm, when others prefer to drown their joy and sorrows in a glass , I drown my joys in worship my sorrows in worship my worries into sleep and my excitement.Everyone has that one thing(s) they can’t do without,something(s) they are addicted too that they turn to even when they are bored, it could be movies, tobacco, the Xbox, your phone…

Mine could be ink, I write anytime anywhere I need no mood it at the level which I sleep, I pray I never die in my sleep. It’s a remedy for everything. I would rather die in worship for this doesn’t matter where or when. I sometimes slip away into dream land worshiping. Not becaus I am tired but because I simply love it and do not wanna stop. When the sun rises, I always wish I could sleep more even when I spent the day in bed (my dad often cross checks to see if am home, dead or away. Because you can forget am in) .

 Psalms 127:2  I bet was meant for me because he loved Me so much, he gave me sleep. While others are out partying on Friday evenings, am figuring how to beat jam to get to my bed. (Am not old)I had Friday night days though I made sure I went to my bed even @5am. These are addictions I love and thank God I have because I prefer them to late nights. I am not fat (this thing works like gym for me. Sleep, sleep, sleep and worship, worship my dear Sharon like yourlifedepends on it.


An intoxicant to me


Food to my soul

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