KA – RED #UgBlogWeek Day 7/7 

I don’t want to believe that uganda’s biggest problem is that we have lots of freedom that we have no idea how to use it. Sometimes if some people have brains or heads because even those meant to lead or speak on our behalf are just blabbering like a bunch of ignorants. 

Well the other day i was watching Tv and was shocked at how Bebe has matured even in his speech. He represented the Tubonge team perfectly while Tamale who I was sure had a pinch of brains was busy questioning who can listen to Juliana just because media headlines talk about her marital failures. Tamale do relationships vote? Does being famous take away humanity or rights of an individual? Well, I am working hard to take your place. I need your job because am not satisfied with your results so watch out.

And then, it so happens that my father’s impound is a polling station. The weekend has been so bad that we hardly slept. These villagers think because we belong to the same tribe as the president we are less of Ugandans some have no right to the choices and decisions we make. Like I said, freedom is the worst thing that happened to we Ugandans because we don’t have a clue how to use it I believe. People are already fighting about the primaries, others think because they support “A”, we all should. My home is like a headquater. The fact that it is the polling station people imagine we are electrol commission and manufacture the ballots. Non of my parents is a parish chairman even though they are elders so, it’s more of catastrophe if a candidate passed by to say high and,are their intentions known and that’s not our fault it villagers imagine we invite them. Tonight we have got our traditional sticks, “enkoni”. Before it becomes fully red it might become green. If the military don’t play their part, some of the people will bleed before the sunrise. That’s not my prayer but when freedom becomes ignorant, You educate it. Nanti Kamyufu!
ThaNukes to all those that kept up with me till this day.

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