the dress we wore to church
the dress we wore to church




I have never had a dream car until this weekend. i now know i want a Subaru WRX STI. So this weekend i happened to be part of an entourage (God help me so that it was the last bride i had to be a maiden to). Well the hype for weddings for me has died basically because i have either become part of the tents or chairs for weddings because i have more than seven i attend in a year. It was a normal morning having to dress up through the tension and tantrums of the bride make up artists, organizers and others until i had Subaru at the gate (you should have seen my village excitement). Most couples prefer a Benz or range or cross country but this one was so not up for the Benz.

Well, the bridal cars were the Subarus (i know you are thinking that bridal convoys are normally slow). We were late for church and Ntinda had Traffic by noon and church was set for noon in Bukoto. Anha, we get into the cars and i before i could ask how fast we were to move, we were at the church! I could see people on the road wonder what was happening a Fast furious of some hooligan New weds perhaps some thought the groom was a rally driver (hehehe). Church starts and a heavy down pour happens but gladly it ends before we are out.

The whole time i was thinking of the Subaru ride, Damn! (i would love to do this on my wedding if my groom agrees). After church headed to Emin Pasha for the photo-shoot and we were moving at the pace of a Benz convoy just to have the videography team have something going. we took quite some time at the shoot so we delayed for the reception(too many delays but we were still on time though not in time). Now, this was the real Subaru ride i anticipated. We took the northern by-pass to Ndere center like we were in garuga for a rally challenge. the spins(jeez) Did i tell you that the Matron opted for a normal Car? oh she did because she couldn’t handle the pressure of the speed and the spins. in less than five minutes we were at the reception and i swear all the guest knew we had arrived from the noise of the engine and the spins in the wet grass. i wish i had a video of this but wow i loved the uniqueness. (stop wondering why am not taking about the bride and the groom and the party) that for me was the moment. It was Just Epic. But, she was a lovely bride, she sang to every song, very jolly(she was the most free bride i have seen this year. she was herself and i swore i would dance through the mud which i did happily. She had a lovely, lovely gown. Superb decor a fun groom and well Edith that speech was too summarized but on point. Oh! the band, that boy Steve, someone tell him he is doing sooo great that was a lovely performance. the make up lady was all over you could think she was the matron. But she did a great face beat. (lovely Job Josephine) and to the Malunda’s. I wish you all the best. But for the cars, my, my, my, lets see what my next birthday brings.

Now i know what i want when my time comes.


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