bab5bafa3c8736e3b28ecbdd8cdf300eI do not recall what hurting feels like.

I guess I have been their way to long

that I do not know if am hurting or just silent.

But in the darkness of my solace,

He turned my heart into a cathedral.

My Amen was said by eyelids closing with tears of hurt,

then he lifted them with a song that melted my heart.

He was supposed to lead me,

but my darkness felt so normal

I didn’t think light was more comforting

My Adam, my Christ!

In the darkness of my Solace,

I was still the woman who bore his vision,

even when the church abbey felt narrow

and the hallway of my heart returned echoes,

Of songs i didn’t make meaning of yet i sang,

Of ruined mascara from the endless streams of tears following

I was his Eve, Esther Mostly

A love made perfect.


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