Demons Awakened

Out in the cold he sat,

legs stretched out before him

and palms raised to his chin.

she had been there all this while

seated at the pavement

her stomach bulged before her

Is he doing it right?

Has he been kidnapped?

I bet all these questions echoed in her head.

My heart Sunk.

like a tank of 50kgs of water had been placed.

His eyes screamed fear not help

The innocence, Lord!

the innocence of the child in him

Tears begun to collect at the corner of my eyes,

waiting that my eyelids say Amen

to pave way for them down my chin,

creating an eroded ground from my make up.

I panicked to wipe them

but like running water from heavy rains they moved.

My mind whispered

‘God cover me’

As i stared through the window of the bus,

watching him helpless on the street.

he could be mine, i thought.

She didn’t look needy

nor did she shine anything like the sun.

He was Loyal,

but that wasn’t my problem

he was wanly,haunted and doleful.

Now, that got my stomach churning

and jaws beaten together

trying hard to hide my pain.

his innocence had been traded.




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