#Twefugge Abortion-Contraception.Rhetoric #EndTeenagePregnancy

So, the Discussion on Abortion the other day caught my attention.

Should Abortion be Legalized?

When HIV drugs were reduced price and availability became easy, i thought the stigma would fade out and living positively would be as fast as going live (holds mouth). Well, i can’t condone that fact that abortion exists. Everyday under my nose it happens so making it legal or not is nothing big but just one question, “should we legalize theft because some people just cant help but steal?”. Okay we legalize it and then some Men and Women will have ‘Nera,Nera‘ as a caller tune and they shall become Boys 2 Men humming to lyrics of ‘One More dance‘.

Okay, i could say all the argument is entirely based on a biblical perspective which is okay but i think Just in-case it is legalized, can we ‘Save it for the last Dance?’ and have a musical of contraceptives. We could probably have Sex Education added to the primary school syllabus or calender just like concerts and sports days. Yes, its okay to have it Legalized because it’s made safe and more accessible, but what about the village person, what about those who will think it can be done again and again because the option has been availed? How about we go back to the domestic basics besides the Senga Jazz?. Oh! how my age mates love the Senga talk!. Well, it gives you confidence that you know much but its a false confidence that has created false assumption by society that we know these things and Men believe we are supposed or we should know. But, well, Sleeping in a garage doesn’t make one a car. My personal survey revealed that 2 out of 10 girls Know contraception beyond condoms.(which most opt not to use they would rather withdraw). Guys, if she insists on you not “wearing” i suggest hold it. For when she carries, it wont just burden her but you as well. She wont be the only drop out, so will you.

It is funny how most girls know about Morning after pills and very few know about Post Exposure pills. Others think besides condoms, the other kinds of contraception are for marrieds and mothers. Well, i think school and parents have a job to do now. How safe is Safe abortion(i have seen a Dr fail at an operation he has done 10 times before). Would you rather add insult to injury (fornicate and Abort?). If It’s got to happen use condoms, try the P-tracker. I know most girls care more of the physical Damage than the Emotional Damage (you would rather abort than carry a pregnancy or  contract HIV than have the world stare through you) the Stigma still exists but that is because society has shaped us,you can still shape it. Lets have Society support Teen mothers, hospitals support Teen parents,Parents play their part and the friends.


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