CHRISTMAS IN WINTER(Xmas as a child)

The only reason i would want to live in Europe would be just for Christmas, the rest of the days Africa is the place.

Last year i wanted a blue Xmas (I am not sure how blue but Blue) Dress (though i wore white) Decor, lighting but i just had a little bit of blue. I am not sure what kind of Christmas i want to see this year. I miss Christmas as a child. I recall we used to go and cut our own tree that we rode on a bike on the 25th (which has long been replaced by a permanent supermarket tree) then we would haaaa! decorate it with toilet paper  and papers well cut out and then place cotton to have it snowing (Jeez growing up was so fun), Christmas balls (read sweets)  and then have the whole house with balloons. It was spring in winter.

Father Christmas was always in time (read Santa Claus). I do not recall a Boxing day that ever went unnoticed. While other kids thought it was a day for boxing or baptism at church, my mother had this tradition right. At 3:am, she would awake us singing ‘Father Christmas has come…’ (meanwhile this was a balloon mannequin that stood below the tree) He would place the gifts under the dinning and hide apparently (wipes a tear). Well Christmas was about love. Not food or a new dress, It was a real Birthday for Christ at my home. My relatives would all come and we would have lunch together and have games home then after dinner they leave. We never went out on Christmas after lunch like most people because having a big family unite would be enough for all you needed at the pool. I do not recall attending any Christmas parties either apart from those organized by my school before closure. My mother would wake me up at 5:am to prepare and i would spent the first one hour staring at the lights on the tree(disco lights i called them). They were so beautiful that till this point i love lighting in a dark place. It feels like stars on a dark sky. Christmas!. So, we would cook clean and by 8:00Am we had to be at church(yes, i was brought up in church).

I do not know if my innocence had all these things fascinate me, but i don’t enjoy Christmas anymore because lighting the tree is as automatic as getting baked beans. I want it all again, cutting the tree down ourselves, lighting it, the love as family, father Christmas, the carols…Oh the carols. My church used to have Christmas Carols a week before and they were angelic but when i return to the church i grew up, the choir hardly has five people and people do not actually come to watch and listen like before when the church would be full. Christmas was the whole of December and on 31st after we said prayers as family, (i miss this too) We were all home (wish all those that married would come home this day once again this year) Everyone would go on there knees and give thanks for the year that ended and the new and we would run out after to light fire works (Note: we would burst balloons so they would make noise like fireworks) scream, then play music and the speakers would be placed out and the villagers join and we dance till 2:am and go to bed happy and wake up to go to church.

Christmas! I want/ desire this same Christmas this year. preferably with a tree at the front of the house, snowed with cotton buds and lights. I want to have this much fun and love again. Maybe a new little white dress. I want to hear the laughter of children, the smoothness of the carols(not the acapellas that have replaced hymns) I want to worship, Give thanks and give love. Dear Father Christmas, Please bring everyone home this Christmas so that my childhood Christmas may be re birthed. Kindly tell God i miss the worship in the carols. He should raise a generation and anoint new worshipers. I want Christmas in winter.

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