I believed the first time i got born again was at baptism.(Even when i do not recall much because i was an infant). My God parents didn’t do much or anything my confirmation classes said they would do, but my mother did it all. Church raised me (you could say religion did). I spent most of my childhood in church because my mother who i was belted to was a minister. Every time i was home and didn’t see her i would cry or go look for her. Well, i could have had a problem with it because she was in church or out practicing dance but i guess it was a good thing (looking at it now).

St.James church Sunday school baby sat me most of the Sundays till the main service was over. Then, all i loved was to sing even when i am not sure i understood what i sang but having other kids around dance and recite Psalm 23 would make my service.( i knew this by heart by 6years and in Luganda because it still makes better sound in luganda than English). Well, at ten years, i started to help my old Sunday school teacher, teach and help the kids so the spirit started to teach me. I owned a bible that i didn’t necessarily read but somehow i had an idea of the bible stories and few scriptures so Sunday school was good. One day, it was Children’s Sunday so Sunday school was to lead service. I remember reading being the teacher and i was teaching from Mathew 19:14. My parents had helped me prepare the whole week and night before to make sure i didn’t mess. But, while i might not have understood the scripture well, i knew that unless you were like a child, quick to listen, slow to anger, quick to act/respond you would miss heaven.(later i realized i could have been right because its only a child that runs quick when they are called even when they are in middle of a game. Their obedience is so high that they hardly think of finishing a game before the run towards you).

So i taught Sunday school till something in me hungered for something deeper. I joined the head church of my area and soon i was off to boarding school for senior one and i couldn’t be part of Sunday school often so i was now simply a Sunday church goer and for a while i felt like a visitor in church. In Boarding school, it was a while till i joined choir. There was a girl Mama Flo as we fondly called her. Jeez! this girl would worship and you feel drunk. I admired her relationship with God and because she was two classes ahead of me and the choir mistress, i joined choir and God locked me down once again.

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