SALVATION WALK(I got Born again!)

I got born again!

I could say it was a re-dedication from my confirmation or my first time accepting Christ. But after baptism of sprinkling as an infant i accepted Christ. At the corner of my father’s house i sat alone playing with beads, a group of door to door ministers found me and ministered to me one holiday and i got born again. I want to believe i still wasn’t serious but all the same i did. After a while i realized a sense of freedom i didn’t have, a peace i couldn’t fathom in my head i thought i was simply growing. I no longer feared the dark! hmm

Life was a mystery i didn’t pay attention to often. things that people found hard, i found easy. Mama Flo played a big part in my growth. she inspired me. she was Brilliant, beautiful, a lover of God her life seemed so straight. I got born again at a phase of adolescence so i lived a double life and was rebellious to certain things of the spirit. But because God wanted me somewhere, he made me uncomfortable. My Sister was saved, she sang in her church choir and on different occasions i visited her pentecostal church. i admired her a lot but i was biased about pentecostal churches. I didn’t think(maybe till now) that for God to hear you praise, you hard to scream though later i understood a times you get crazy about your lord. the dress-code disturbed my head (this still does) because i do not think that “come as you are” meant dress indecently but well that could pass as well, i heard listened to a lot of wrangles and fights and falsehood stories and i wondered ‘if this God they serve is true as mine, why on earth are they poor, stuck in iron sheet built churches, whats the difference with a witch doctor that speaks wealth yet he is in a bad place?’ But, well, these were voices in my head  so i chose to remain in my Anglican church.

I kept going to my church but then it got kinda boring. Yes, boring. There was a point i reached and i could predict the sermon, know what the Reverend quoted wrong, what i believed i could preach better, how he would end…Something in me hungered for more. I didn’t understand why then though but i was disturbed.the politics in church generally i felt like i wasn’t growing so i made up my mind to join a fellowship. I felt like maybe i was wrong and needed bible college, or i needed to tame my spirit and teach my spirit to be humble. I was confused.

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