Salvation Walk. (LOVE)


I do not know anyone that has experience love like i have. Actually i do know know how to live without love. For a while i was married to fear and temper but when i got saved and understood love, it all changed. A wave of peace carried me, a love unfathomable lifted and grew me and then there i was with a love beyond degree.

When i understood the cross. I didn’t think their was something else left for me to understand. My gratitude is/was love. I knew i was loved before, i had experienced that love but Love at the foundation of Christ, still overwhelms me. Favor fr me is like my other name. He made all things knew, just like he beautifies them in his own time. Now i was completely a new being. I still can’t define or explain the love but i will say; Aggressively,possessively,defensively, he loved me.

Just as i am without one plea

But that thy blood was shed for me

and that thou bidd’st me come to thee

Oh lamb of god i come, i come…

This is the song i believe i should walk down the aisle to as well. He loves me faithfully,unconditionally, honestly, beautifully. No, he didn’t look at my past,my wrinkle, my blemish, he loved me the way i was. What a love. he didn’t judge me either. I sometimes love to call myself a psalmist and in my ink i lavish my love on him but daily i feel like i still have not loved him enough. will i ever love him enough?

I fall many times but he never loves me less, never judges me or give up on me. I have not pleased him always, many times we disagree and i sing ‘IĀ  surrender it all…’ when actually i take matters in my own hands and avenge or take the wheel when i feel he has delayed and i forget that he is always on time. I resound to William McDowell’s ‘I wont go back..’ even when i deliberately refuse to let go and many times fall off the path and return to how it was. But, he still loves me, patiently he waits on me. I do not take this love for granted Lord even when i meditate about not being a daughter of Terah but still meditate delay, Even when i ask you to take the ‘Wheel’ but watch to my “Will”.

He leadeth me Oh, he Leadeth me.My Parents love me, my friends do but there is a love i found, one i wear like a perfume.

What a love!




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