Salvation Walk. (The Dreams)

The Eyes Are Useless When the Mind Is Blank!

Someone once told me a normal person dreams daily so i was made to believe its normal but then i realized my dreams didn’t come everyday. I practically lived in the dream each time it would happen and i would wake up tired, sweating maybe but i was active. They felt so real and others like De-javu (i recently learned the meaning of this word). when i woke up, the dreams stayed fresh in my head till i discussed them and some have stayed till today.

One night in my senior three, i had a dream fighting demons in the school’s main hall. I struggled to get out of the dream that had very short creatures that spoke to me with lots of confidence yet i couldn’t, i decided to pray, and as i had a prayer battle with them, they tried to make sure i lose focus and shut up but i insisted and the triple Decker bed i shared with my friends started to quiver. The girl that slept below me woke up and tapped me but i didn’t wake up till after five minutes. “Babe are you okay? i have been waking you up for the last five minutes. I think you are dreaming”. I kept staring down at her in silence. I had not recovered but when she went back to bed i whispered “I am sorry”. I didn’t catch sleep till the bell for morning preps was sounded. That was the beginning, the time i started to pay attention to my dreams. I tried to explain it to my mother but she said they were just band dreams and i should just pray always but deep within i knew these were not just dreams. A few days after, a girl in the dormitory opposite mine fell sick. She wasn’t my friend but i kind of would relate and understand what was happening in her life but i didn’t know what to do or wasn’t in position to help. ‘its witchcraft’ they said but i kept at a distance trying not t pay attention. She was taken home that night because the school couldn’t help. They had tried to put her on phone with a charismatic priest but she only settled for a while and then back at it. My heart sunk even when i pretended.  When she returned i befriended her. she was okay till time for exams and she was back at it. She wasn’t sick but i had never prayed for someone before, i was scared. She was catholic and it was a catholic school, i was confused. I would run to my bed and say a prayer for her. But, God is faithful she managed to got through her papers after.

There was many other dreams that followed some the same, others stayed longer, others are repeated dreams but the same message DELIVERANCE!.  This scared me more. I couldn’t understand my dreams (maybe i still do not for some). I still preached in church when given chance. (And yes i still was stuck in my Anglican church).But then when i joined Fellowship certain things became clear. I had to understand my dreams i just had to be able t interpret them for myself and where i fail i consult. But no sooner had i started to have a better understanding of my journey, life and spirituality, Poof! i get baptized with the holy Ghost.

6 thoughts on “Salvation Walk. (The Dreams)

  1. I can totally relate …..very glad am reading your posts…i was once told that Deliverance doesn’t happen over night …it can even take years ( still trying to figure that out ) …Totally love this ..i have always had thousand questions but am reading your’s comforting .(putting pieces together) 😊🙈

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