Salvation Walk (The Tongues)

Hello my name is Sharon and i Shanda!

So when i saw this #Shanda book i decided to start with an introduction in relation to his book.

After Brenda invited me for fellowship i kept attending even without her. On this eventful. lovely evening, i go for Fellowship expectant of the word. I sat through Ap.G.L sermon. Meanwhile, my first day i was surprised about this young Man preaching (because in the Anglican church, unless its youth Sunday only the old preach or you are on theology practice so i was shocked and yes the knowledge he had.) The first time i listened to him i was happy that, finally i found someone who shares my mind, its like he knew all questions roaming in my head. I do not quite recall what the sermon was about but it had something to do with ‘getting filled with the holy ghost and‘. as he concluded, he said “lets pray now and speak in tongues if you can.” I had read about tongues but i thought they were for chosen people like pastors,ministers in the gospel not for everyone. (i guess i didnt study my bible well). Then i recalled, a couple of months back i had woken up in the middle of the night and sent a text to a friend that only had letters. At that point i understood it, but when i looked at it the next morning i didn’t.

Half the house was Shandering and i actually didnt see it coming. After giving my offertory, i walked back to my sit with tears running down my face and in my mind am thinking ‘no,no,non Sharon, you do not cry in public, why are you even crying?’ I hurriedly sat and searched for a handkerchief in my bag and the tears couldnt just stop. Somehow i stopped caring about who was looking and focused. Then a cloud of laughter yes (cloud) covered me and a started to laugh. I covered my mouth but it was Loud it echoed in my head. the tears didnt stop either and then my tongue rotated. I bite it, tried to hold but in vain. I was Baptised with the holy ghost before i was immersed in water!. My tongue was on fire like a busy Tailor’s machine, my feet became heavy but weak. I had to go home but couldnt move for 30minutes it went on. When i felt some strength i moved and took a bike but all the way home i spoke to myself. When i got home i simply dived in bed. I was restless, God!.

When i told my sister about it she said, “Ho! you are finished.” I told my brother who i was sure had a clue he was excited while i froze and he said “I desire to share the kind of spirit upon you.” I was confused. The next day he brought me a recorded sermon about tongues then i asked to go speak to his pastor (note: i was still in Anglican church.). One night while we had a family prayer alter, poof! I was on the ground slain and in tongues. (there is a way my legs got too weak to carry my upper body) i didn’t know it was called slaying then, so i made an appointment to meet the Pastor and it was the first time i shared my journey with anyone. While we talked i was back to it. Lord! the tears again, i didn’t understand my world anymore. One word still came out of my mouth at the end. Deliverance. (why?) i didn’t know yet again. So he explained and helped me understand and told me my body was still not strong it is why i weakened each time the holy spirit came down on me. My very first slay (after i understood the word, found me worshiping in my room). There was no pastor to touch me, it was just me and God. Then i understood a few things about tongues and continued to study more, i understood my ministry (it still frightens me) but most of all i understood i needed a spiritual father call it mentor, someone i was submitted to in the spirit one to whom i owed accountability then I was fathered.

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