Salvation Walk (Submission)

Normal people have no idea how beautiful the dark is.

Opening his Arms, he said quietly,’disappear here’. I ran as fast as i could to get this embrace.

He was so humble and very down to earth. I went ahead and attended Church in Mukono, i greeted him after service then i asked if we could meet. Brenda gave me his number and i scheduled an appointment with him. I came in earlier than asked and he found me at the door of his office waiting. When he got in, i sat and introduced myself. We had a long discussion about Tongues and dreams and certain things were brought to light. ‘I was once like you, i have been there but this only means your days in the Anglican are soon to end.’ He said. I wasn’t confused at this point because now i knew i needed to grow and move to where i am being sent. It is under his garment that i rested. For all the six years i had battled with my inside, he was the only person i spoke to and could relate, understand me and didn’t think i was weird and explained things well. So AP. G.L became my spiritual papa and I am so humbled to be fathered by him.

But see being a child is one thing and being Fathered is another (not sure i make sense even to myself but okay). After i was fathered, i had to learn about Submission. I studied submission and attended Meetings my “dad” held. But, because i had a tradition (oba religion oba legal mind), i didn’t think it was necessary for me to account for everything i did. In my local church it was okay to miss church with no good excuse, no one cared,it was okay to live life like you pleased. I mean, you were not answerable to anyone. Now, Submission for me became submission. I didn’t understand why i had to attend church every Sunday if i could pray home or just sleep and the church was far (yet before i could not miss church.)

We communicated every week with my “dad” still over the phone. he never abandoned me even when i didn’t do things that made him proud. One morning i received a text “But i do not understand you”. Truly i panicked. At the back of my head i had a clue but still asked why (stupid girl just) but he still explained to me and at the end of the chat i promised to reform (and i have not turned back since). I revisited my submission, the scriptures and the meetings. organized myself and told myself i will not serve two masters ago. Like I am accountable to God or my Biological Father, I am accountable to him. So i settled it within and told me , i have to live like i am expected.  My Biological Fatehr once told me, “In everything you do,make sure you are accounted to God and make sure it will make me Proud”. This is the principal i applied. Not necessarily to please my “dad”, but for myself and the heavens. I was blessed enough to have a leadership i didnt find in the earlier years, a leadership some people long for, a leadership some people don’t get a chance to get.

But Just when i thought submission was easy (i was taught the hard way But i love where i am going). I was so used to being my own self or having things done for me being a last born. This was Growth because in all aspects of life, Submission was needed, with or without the knowledge of it. I am still learning and adjusting. I had not known what certain growth would cause or what certain things meant but then something i Hunger.


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