He Maintains My Lot

He ran through my mind for a couple of nights

and stayed for quite a while

Well for the while he was their,

I wondered if i had become numb,

paralyzed or just immune

had it hurt so much the past few years that i actually forgot what it is like to hurt?

All the same i think i am doing fine just where i am.

Last month you asked how i was doing,

well, I am glad to say that

‘He maintains my lot’.

My cup is overflowing so i can’t say that i am not full.

My empty cup now runs over with the same Oil i poured at his feet,

A thicker glory than the one you last saw on my head,

I wear a purer scent than the last one that defined my brokenness,

My submission has grown.

My Silence maybe deafening,

but pain and i, are divorced.


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