Umurundi! Umugenzi! #PrayForBurundi

The Clouds are ravening.

I do not know for how long.

Gun shots have replaced you stereo,

weeping has turned into a song,

a musical.

guns, Cains, bullets, foot trumps

It sounds like a musical Film.

Only with the wrong fairies and dreams.

Mama w’omukundo!

I Only relate with you.

I cant feel exactly how you feel

The sky shadow you like thousands of men,

You heart aches like it been patched with seasoning salt,


It won’t release the pain i know,

Neither we it bring back the innocence of the land,

or your young boy whose body is spread out on the streets

like he didn’t have loved ones.

but cry.


Like nothing else matters,

like its your first time ,

we cant give up easily,

Urukundo Akaramata,

It never fails.

I will love you even when i do knot know you.

Pray for you even when you do not expect it

Believe even when your faith is Frail

I will stand with you even from a far.




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