OLD Fashioned

Its 2016 and thank you for being very good followers and readers. I appreciate a lot. I have marked mine a year of Love, Intimacy, Favor and Grace. So let’s do this once again.

Dear G,

Its been a while since i last wrote. Happy New year! I hope you are as excited as i am for this year. Well, i hope it’s actually ready for me. Well, straight to point.

As the year started there are things that came to mind like being old fashioned. my friends and i were talking the other day about dating, courtship and proposals and they were to exotic with ideas and i am thinking (babe you are so old fashioned.)

They said they would want to be taken out to dates and dinners and yes i agree, i love those to but i prefer the traditional way of doing all that. I would prefer to be picked from my fathers house (though i can compromise on meeting you at a spot as well). But yes, i would love that i am told and i go through the exciting part of dressing up for the date to being picked. (you do not need a car by the way to pick me depending on the date type) but If its one of those where you want to ask me to be your girlfriend, wife.. then sweetie you gotta put effort and work. So pick me up, pull a chair for me if you do not mind, drop me home or walk me home. I mean, just spoil me and make me feel special because i am sure you wont do it everyday.

I love surprises but those things of surprising me to a marriage proposal am not sure how i feel about them especially with big audiences. Go to my fathers house ask for my hand that’s an awesome surprise or take me to the movies better still do it over a dinner for two.

I still believe in love letters, notes, those small things that people ignore because they actually do great even after marriage, leave me a note at the kitchen sink before u go off to work but well, would love to hear what you think. I know times have changed and i ought to embrace them but if i could turn back the hands of time i would bring back the detail of Old time Romance and dating. See am not Old fashioned all the way because my fashion sense migrates often.


Old fashioned


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