Puzzled Text 1


the winds still carry these scents

that linger like salts of the sea water

crystals trapped in small molecules of water

these scents are of time and age

swaying with a past left untold

the dispensing light rays trapped in the wind

left to stand still as they penetrate through shatters of my stillness

i wonder, do these rays of light feel lonely?

do they feel empty in this darkness, trapped by me?



A Present participal scent i wear

like a rain cloud i weigh

cheap, simple, happy

yet you close your eyes to feel the rain



And your voice,a sigh in my thoughts

floating through me like dandelion seeds

floating, grabbing at the helm of my heart



Did you know, i wasnt her?

I am loud not angelic

full of paint brushes and ink

getting lost in papers

floating and drowning to hymns of my heartbeat



I sit to watch the sunrise

to see beauty rise,

covering the vastness of the heavens

and yet,

your beauty is like a thousand sunrises in the night

it clutches my breath in my lungs

choking me to tears


{This is picked from my phone texts. a friend and I sometimes decide to be creative in Text}

3 thoughts on “Puzzled Text 1

  1. Do you know It’s raining now?
    Not just any rain
    The kind of rain that picks on your childhood memory
    what would a 9year old Joel Jemba do?
    Run, Happy, naked, smile, laugh, enjoy
    oh well ooh well

    mehn I suck at these poetry things. okay bye….
    ooh this is a nice piece, or should I say nice texts?
    well done E and S

    Liked by 1 person

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