Puzzled Texts 2


I have seen you hide your eyes

From my staring pair

like clear pearls behind class walls

as if your spectacles wear fences

locking me in past tense

making me doubt my sixth sense.



Words Unspoken

Tears of shame flow

utterance tongue tied

i will be on my knees, ready to pray

this silence screams more than a halleluyah



When i first saw you,

I saw charm, the beauty,

unfathomable Grace of the face that i was looking for


(S)charm is deceptive,

Beauty Varies,from face to face

unfathomable grace my heart holds

Blood is my tag

Love is my clog



I swear, since seeing your face,

the whole world is fraud and fantasy

the garden is bewildered as what is leaf or blossom

The distracted  birds cant distinguish the bird seeds from the snare.



Find your mouth in the dark

Feed that famished Glory

find your warmth

and return the Fantasy of the bloom.

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