Just as I am I come.

I have not thought of myself as Fire proof,

I burn deep within and I can’t ask that,

you sin with me tonight.

Though I selflessly give myself up,

I didn’t know I would ever feel like a hopeless romantic,

Like a child craving for her mother’s touch.

Have I said I have fallen?

How did you even cross my path?

In you I discovered an everlasting bushido

You are like poetry in motion

We could pray together,

Fast together and be together.

Maybe I can’t move at your pace

But it’s because I will let you lead

And like Ruth, I simply follow.

You could call it submission,

But the star on you will never dim in my eyes

Sin with me tonight *hides face*

Just at the balcony of my apartment, I mean….

As we count stars and giggle,

As we laugh the night away in each other’s company

I vow to befriend you everyday

As God bends me in every way.





3 thoughts on “FOURTEEN DAYS OF LOVE #4

  1. What is “bushido” asking for a friend. . .
    wait, sin with me? *brings holy water and sprinkles all over the blog while speaking ‘blood of Jesus’ in an Igbo Nigerian accent. . .

    I can hear an Amen?


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