I had my walls painted today.

With pieces of micro poetry, jumbled about.

I woke up in a pool of love letters and poetry,

That I wrote to you years ago.

Puffy, bugged eyes,

A stained pillow and a disorganised self.

My night was long because I still was writing,

Hoping this time I will get a response

And stop keeping old versions of my love letters

Or having mine bounce back to my mail box,

Listening to old love songs

And waiting on an endless night for you to come.

I am tired of wishing the stars would make me whole on a dark night

On thinking am full when I have plastered hollowness within.

I need to repaint my walls,

With coloured paper of love songs and love poetic lines

With pictures of you and I.

I want to be able to draw my curtains

And watch the sun kiss my window pane in the morning.


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