Dear you,

I believe you are well from the last time i communicated. I am doing quite well even when i have spent nights pacing about the corridors of my house wondering if you would respond.

There have been no nights my side, no dawn, only beautiful morning of plucking petals off flowers in my garden wondering how much you love me. Before our first encounter, i was nursing and fighting pain but the image of you that i have painted in my head has sanctified me with an affection i never expected.

So, last night as i paced about, a song came to mind and i was humming to “butterfly kisses”

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer
Stickin’ little white flowers all up in her hair…”
I knock at my door left a letter from you that got me blushing to myself. We could start with forever if it aint too much. Nothing is ever going to frustrate the image of you that i have painted in my head even when it could battle with your reality, i prefer to keep my own version of you.

I didn’t think i was this empty till, you came by. lets see how this child we have conceived will look like tomorrow. I can’t promise you a today or tomorrow, i will start with me.



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