I heard the sound track of my childhood petering away.

The lyrics of my laughter fading into age,

The innocence of my thoughts

Sounding back like tracks of acapella.

My joy like, sea waves in the night. NO.

No, it isn’t me. I am lost.

This place grew me.

before I started to play in your head like a ringtone,

before u crammed me like lyrics of that unending song.

I will always be his love song.

Well, now that I am you song,

Besides placing me on replay,

May I be those notes on your bass

That each time you strum, I smile.

Holiness isn’t for wimps,

So is love. Wear your Amour  of courage

The cross isn’t negotiable, so am I 

I was bought at a price even when am priceless.

it was a straw bed,

a thatched house,

But the love song forever was on replay.

do you hear that?

That’s the love song that raised me.

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