There is an end to knowledge, love……..

I no longer need to get a away to know what I want. I have been taken a notch higher that I have gained strength. This evening I stretched out my once holy hands and bent my knees because hope has been rebuilt. I know I love you strong enough not to get back to my old habits. 

So, today, I went to the saloon after a long while and I vowed not to attribute glory to you that only belongs to God but I vow to love with you with an attitude such as his. Stay with you and by you as long as I breathe

You are still the man my vision sang to last season that has helped me rebuild trust. My face is sore from smiling at the picture of you in my palms. There is an end to knowledge….love. God! I can’t love without trust because it breeds honesty. And if I said I love you and didn’t trust you, then hold me accountable. Yes, I am responsible for my every do on this journey.

With love, my prayers have been answered. I know love may not awaken the dead but, once it lays over you like thousands of men and not only frustrates every vein in your system, then you will never understand its power. That is the beginning and the end. It’s like an endless road. See how beautiful you have made me look even in your absence? Look at me staring back at you, see the stars in you eyes. Through you, I see a version of me I always have dreamt of becoming. Let’s keep the faith and our flowers will never wither.



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