I misunderstood you all this while.

I called you a hater,

Because of the way you avoided me.

Then I realized you were just a confused admirer,

you wanted to see me everyday and night,

I wanted to see you forever.

Because you calm the roar of the seas in my blood

And the eruption of my volcano of words

You have redesigned my every wall

And patched my every crack 

Even when my wants were very few 

And my dreams seldom spoken,

You have dug so deep within,

To be able to listen to my silence

And interprete my noise .

Most of my worries go unspoken

But you are there,

A firm foundation through all the streams of life

A sturdy hand to hold unto In case of stress and strife

Without boosting or complaining

You just go on loving me quietly.

Even with my heart right on top of my head,

I never thought it would get to this.

To be loved more,

To be spoilt consistently. 

I vow to love you better

To love you more

To love you like my life depends on it.

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