Dear you.

Today, I woke up wearing grace of a thousand angels. The sun rose in my face, kissing my cheeks good morning. I wasn’t crying in the rain anymore, I was smiling at the sunrise with my eyes closed in envy of the morning. How are you today handsome?

When I was broken, my mama often told me, ‘don’t cry my girl, when he comes your world will stand still for a while’. I thought it was just one of those talks to make me feel better, but that day, my world for once stood still for a few seconds. Maybe minutes. Many nights I sat up late, hoping you would come through the door or call a wrong number and finally you walked right in, with the allure of Alex. You wired me.

Quiet my spirit with your love a sweet symphony, play me note by note. Yes I will run away with you. I will go anywhere and everywhere for you have painted my life with a bolder colour. I need more of you. I had forgotten how to love like this, Missing had become a myth. You have patched back every piece of my wounded heart that I had thrown away because I didn’t want to have a heart anymore. Now I keep my eyes raised up and only towards you my sun, and the shadows will fall behind me. (whispers) Just hold my hand.

with love


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