Dear you,

Today I know not how exactly to write, start or what to even say. The past few days have been so beautiful that I started to envy my own life. It feels like autumn down here. Every leaf feels like a flower, see how red you have me painted?

Did I pass on my greetings?… Pardon my manners, its only that I have ‘kinda’ forgotten how to live like I am all that matters. I have always desired to spread my wings and let my spirit soar but when you came into my life that came off effortlessly.

The sunshine speaks and its voice is of a hummingbird. You letters speak and the tone is that of Boaz to Naomi. I believe in love, not love songs because every artist has a story that glitters half seen, half guessed and half heard.

With you, I cannot learn about love because it appears on your wings of grace. I will learn as we grow old. I will bend with every wind and storm and stand firm with every summer season. So, keep my heart right where yours is kept, guard it with your life, body and soul. With your every being protect it. I don’t want to wake up some day with my curtains drawn back and my blue reading in black “there was once something special here”. Let it read in bold red “I have no heart, because he keeps it better than I can”.




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