Dear you,

So, today I was telling my best friend about you. They asked how much I know you and think it should study you. Yes, they think to know you I should sit and read you like a book for a year. They do not think my reason for feeling that it is real is right. 

Somehow I always forget to ask how you are. Forgive me for my teachers taught me that good morning was only a wish and the only answer to how are you? was fine. Well I am positive that besides missing me you are okay.

So, as we went on I told them “I love him. Period”. That had another long debate. To cut story short, we didn’t agree but this is what I know,

As long as my heart pumps blood,

As long as my blood boils next to you

As long as my spine twitches at the thought of you,

I love you. The end.

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