Dancing in the rain

It’s been five days,120 hours and it feels like I have known you for 360 days (sigh). These past few days have been so beautiful and fun. I have learnt to dance in the rain and enjoy the mud . I have learnt to cry in the rain as well, because you have taught me that it a times hurts.

I am not going to love you till it stops to hurt because then it will only mean you are growing numb and it’s fading out. Like a rose in bloom the thorns never cease to grow. My love, it will hurt sometimes because atimes we pluck flowers from the wrong angle.

I have learnt to love selflessly these few days but the most exciting part is that I have learnt to let go and walk besides you withholding nothing, not afraid that I will hurt my toe because you are taking me by hand and my sight is blinded by your beauty.



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