My Nation, My Valentine. #UgBlogWeek

My hands are empty,

My soul is dry,

My head campaigning with my heart

They stand amazed like Mabreezy.

Tonight I’d rather the M8-1 I know,

Than the Biraro star standing alone on a dark sky.

I have learnt to Besigye you in a long while.

Hey, you, my valentine.

Yes you. I am speaking to you my country,

The nation I am very patriotic about

My heart is red like the flowers on the streets today

My soul as green as the city.

If I have to elect this year,

I would still vote you.

I love change only if love died.

But I have dream about forever,

And when forever comes ,

I shall rest in eternity with you.

2 thoughts on “My Nation, My Valentine. #UgBlogWeek

  1. When you speak of a country as a Valentine, I immediately remember the Spartans in 300, to whom country meant everything. Good poem. I think you can make this poem even much better if you add some embellishments.

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