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I hear the sound,

the sound of children crying.

I feel a silence of lifeless streets.

Streets i once loved to stroll on,

now i am locked in my house in fear.

I hear the sound of Gun shots,

foot thumps of my country men.

A love song plays in my head

and i am reminded of how much i loved you.

I hug my knees tight trying to silence the tremble,

tears roll down my face.


God! what happened to you?

A man that once loved me so much,

a man that cried if i didn’t wake up to see the day light?

Who will go for us?

Who will fight for me.

My children have thinned from hunger,

My house is empty,

My garden is destroyed.

What happened to you my love,

The man i once was so patriotic about

It was once a love they all envied

now, a cruxification,

A jail.

The crown you once fought to keep on,

no-longer makes sense for my glory is gone.

My glory your pride.


I do not wish to marry that man. I look out at the gardens from my bridal room. It has been locked and I am alone. I see the guests gathering out there and I only wish I could run away and never be a part of it again.” she wrote in her journal. “The moment that door is unlocked, I will run.

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