Cant wait to walk down the aisle….

The ‘kasiki’ the other day didn’t really come off as expected. The crowd was too rowdy and i hardly knew many of them. How could you guys surprise me like that? My feet hurt from that foot work and my face reacted to all the chemical drinks (read tear gas) you poured on me.

Well, Today i am so up and down making sure the food is okay, the decoration (election material)  is fine and the venue (polling station) is all covered. Security is tight so i am sure tomorrow will be perfect. Kindly make sure that you are in time more reason you are my matron i actually think you should sleep over tonight and help me cover the emotions and tension. I just can’t walk down the aisle without you.(go to elections without you).

My parents haven’t let me out of sight this week and i think that has got me and my head a lot of time to get tense. I changed my mind from my dream gown( political party) and that day you left me at the campaigning grounds (political debate) i actually decided i will wear black and white. I promise i will look good.

I am not sure what tomorrow will look like with all the grey, green and red top theme . I am not quite sure if the Dj (EC) will get the soft music i asked, but just in-case its too loud and you need to run from it. I bought each of my entourage sneakers, no heels tomorrow. The dancing will be too much to keep heels on.





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