When a boy loves you,

He could wait up the morning

Simply pleading to touch the sun in your face.

He will say he loves you,

Even after long hours of waiting on him at the dinner, you will feel his words spill on your thighs like a glass of sweet white wine.

Intimacy is the art of licking wounds and it has taken me a couple of years to let anyone kiss my lips after they were chucked. But tonight and maybe forever, as long as God still gives us breath, I wanna love you in a different language.

I wanna love you like we are in middle school and I am scared of wooing you so I watch from a distance and smile.

I wanna love you like we are in high school and all I want to see and feel everyday whole day.

I wanna love you like we are in grad school and letters and late night phone calls are the only way we speak. Meet you over the weekend and tell my friends how blessed I am to have you.

I wanna love you like I have suffered from amnesia and fall in love right back with you all over again.

I wanna love you in hiding and in truth. Tell you endless times of how I love you and keep falling each time you brush your fingers through your hair I fall.

I wanna love you with all the unpredictable laughter and unpredictable kisses. Play with you like we are in kindergarten.

I wanna love you the Christian way. Patiently, selflessly and without pride. The only pride I wanna wear is your glory.

And because I want this type of love, I wanna love you as my friend, boyfriend and mostly as a husband.

10 thoughts on “LANGUAGES OF LOVE

  1. It’s so beautiful,
    In the spirit of ‘I wanna… 😂,
    I wanna write poetry like you..
    I wanted to list all my favorite lines from the poem then I realized its all of them!!!
    (*stands up and gives you a standing ovation*)


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