THE VOWS (Voting Day) #UgBlogWeek #day6

Banange mukulike embaga!

That’s all I have heard since midnight. His phone was taken by the UCC officials as if being a groom (candidate) is a crime. So, that way communication was a bit tight. The chairman (policeman) arrived so late and even when they arrived the congregation had been in queue from 6Am. The groom had already left the house for saloon (traveled).

So, while we waited for the¬†bagoole who were late meanwhile because church was meant to start 7:30am but started at midday because the men meant to drive the entourage (voting material) apparently delayed according to the chairman’s boss (poll supervisor). ennaku eri kampala.

Well 11:30am bagoole arrive but without the wedding bands (black box and ballots). So we started service at midday, I am glad the guests really loved the couple so the stood the taste of time and the scorching sun because the whole wedding was an outdoor event.

We were glad everything went on as planned until the supervisor decided that the maids (Agents) should go home before the couple gave their closing speech and even change into another attire.(voting closes and the votes are counted) ha! They painted him pale. I bet he didn’t see it come especially because he was shady the whole day and even slowed the vows because he wanted to be Reverend and choir same time. I wonder why they even paid the security guy (because All he did was look on overwhelmed. Well, to cut the long story short, he was put in his place and the wedding ended so the greetings and dance for those with no work the next day and energy continued. (Counting at polls).

Before I knew, it was midnight and I had been up since 5 am because that village drunkard didn’t allow us sleep and kept quarreling why everyone was invited and he only got to know about it in the bar and he only knew the father of the groom but not even the groom (only knew one candidate and sure it was just voting presidents). So like it always is some guests are for the bride others for the groom and others are friends to both and others relatives who never wish good, others only look at the things that went wrong not how the rest of the day went. It’s just a day full of critics both good and bad. Now, ts time for honeymoon but before they fly out, I hope they put their house in order, unwrap the presents and then leave. (Make sure no riots, no coups, no tear gas. )

Thank you for coming and showing patriotism. Thank you for keeping time and making sure you the guests were comfortable (keeping the lines moving and calm.) Pass on my apologies to those who were offended by the delays but a bride is a bride. It’s only one day to look that gorgeous after planning for years (lol). I am glad you were part of this memorable day.




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