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 Today I feel, spanish.

Yesterday I had three nationalities in five minutes.Ugandan, Rwandan, Cameroonian… my stomach spoke Italian I guess at that hour and yes I was white in color. My shout was no longer that traditional Ugandan ululation, but a foreign noise that read, ‘tense’ and smelt like fear.

My feet they were in a war zone area and the sun had punished me while I was trying to “decide” as if the decision was mine to make. ‘God, thank you for reminding me my place in all this, watching and praying’.

Today I feel English,

like my salvation and baptism happened yesterday. of course holding on to something but letting God for most of it. some habits stay longer than others I guess it’s why I am still a work in progress.

Today I am Ugandan or Kenyan in a few hours but see, this is what I have been turned into.

A coward!

freedom of speech only when you can afford a good lawyer

A fighter,

because death and life on some days mean the same


because this is who I really am


because society and religion grew me so I know which boundaries not to cross.


for Phil 4:13 is written on my heart.

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