SHUT UP! #UgandaDecided

I thought I was done writing about this #UgandaDecides thing or #UgandaDecided. But here I am. I hope this is the real last post I ever put up about this. And this is going to be really short.

I am so tired of Ugandans not moving on and the chit chat that (in my opinion) most speak out of ignorance oba..

Anyways I wonder what would have become of us if Abed or Biraro came out as the new presidents. I wonder if the talk and social media campaigns would stay this long and people claiming their votes were rigged would continue. I realise most of us have focused on the who like the in-elect said.

Do we want a change of individual or systems? Are we just blowing noise or actually tired?. A tired people would not sit in there houses.(Libya was tired now they wish they never needed the change) . Its hard to catch sleep on a hungry stomach or with a running stomach so, is it giving you the discomfort? if not SHUT UP! Go to work. Life goes on. Stop acting like you want change if it cant start with you.

6 thoughts on “SHUT UP! #UgandaDecided

  1. Ah, but you have a point.
    Personally the whole thing just makes me sick so after casting my vote on 18th I decided to move on. I know the elections were not free and fair but the way people are demonizing ‘move on’…so I kept quiet 🙂 I think a lot of it is just propaganda that’s going to amount to nothing. If the people complaining were doing something other than tweeting away, maybe. Just maybe. Ah, look at me doing a blog post in your comments. Bye

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