I have been nominated for the leibster award by Josh Agaba. I was wondering why i was nominated till i saw the questions.

Rules of the award.

A blogger can nominate upto 10 other bloggers then create a post announcing the nominations.  The nominated bloggers should have less than 3,000 bloggers. The first blogger then asks 10 questions to these bloggers.

If nominated bloggers accept, then they create their own post accepting the nomination and linking back to the 1st blogger answering the 10 questions.  The award keeps getting passed on so that readers can discover new blogs.

1: Who are you thinking about now?

Myself. I mean it is Saturday.

2: Are you happy with the current state of your blog?

Yes. Very happy. I think it has had a tremendous following and liking the past few months.

3: What is that one conversation you keep having in your head over and over again, thinking you could have things said differently?

Hmm. Tricky one. None. I normally think before I speak and analyze something in my head before I let it out. So am so careful not to regret.

4: What are the best presents you ever gave(to who)?

Education. To a girl called Gloria.  My late friend’s sister and my adopted sister’s daughter.

Love. This I can’t even say to who some are complete strangers.

5: Action or adventure movies?

Action. Blame it on lots of brothers and an interesting personality.

6: What is your current album or song?

I hardly learn album titles. However my best song currently is “i am amazed” by tubanacle choir. Oh! It gets me to my knees. Just like my fav hymn.

7: What is your ideal type of date?

Oh! I could write forever about this one. A candle lit dinner. Very formal. Pick me from my father’s house(be sure I shall be looking my best.) Pull a chair for me let’s talk. No phones, a serene restaurant, good food, maybe a bottle of red wine. Try be in a suit and yes flowers is a bonus.

8: What is your opinion about this blogger award business?

I wish it could get more active because it’s encourages bloggers/writers.  Knowing people read your blog and appreciate your skill is awesome. It’s a good idea. I bet it will grow into something like the Grammys in the future because writers shape alot in the community. They ought to be recognized.

9: what is your ideal breaker in a relationship?

Communication. This can build or destroy.

10: Do you believe in see after or before marriage?

Hmm, kinda both. From a Christian background no I don’t but from logic, I do not think there’s anything wrong instead of going into a covenant and you later cheat because the sea was bad, risk and sample. Many times we might deny but see is a big part of marriage. After you say for better for worse you might never come out but you maybe tempted to get adulterous.

I nominate;


Elijah Bwoji


Joel Jemba


Sharon Mundia



Mimz Kikazi.


Your questions are here;

1: Who is your favorite blogger?

2: Which is your favorite quote of all time?

3: Written or spoken word poetry?

4: What inspires most of your writing?

5: favorite movie of all time?

6: What is the first thing you do in the morning soon as you open your eyes?

7: What is your opinion about the blogging business?

8:  What do you spend most on. (Your most expensive buy)?

9: Are you happy with the current state of your blog?

10: what is you ideal breaker in a relationship?.




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