Hmmmm let’s see. So it’s #UgBlogWeek but well this week (this time) not prepared but well after I read @Josh Agaba’s blog post about nkwatako-Sheeba…(which am listening to now) I thought I should share what am listening to…


Normally it’s gospel. Hymns and worship mainly…so I hardly get to listen to some things like Justine Bieber. So two weeks ago, my work mate requested that I play music aloud at my corner and being that he is moslem, my gospel wouldnt do him so much so I played two songs and decided to go to my secular list and even downloaded some….anha now while I was there, I land on Sheeba and this Nkwatako song jeez…(I love to dance) for me this song makes me move…I don’t know if it’s the track or the passion or the vocals but it just gets me well…..Please note that Sheeba as a person doesn’t appeal alot to me. But well I don’t mind her or didn’t mind her till this nkwatako…Yamawe! Sheeba give me more of this and we are best of artist-listener grover partners..

Then I landed on a western artist. Ray G and listened to two of his songs murebe and Ninkwesiga… ( I wonder why I haven’t heard much of airplay for him) but then I don’t really listen to radio or watch much of tv anymore so I go to you tube…He has a strong voice and magical voice…I was excited. Ninkwesiga made it to my play list. And I still wonder why I havent seen him on tv those few times i watch…Ray G- ninkwesiga, you can sing please don’t die like toniks. Hit this thing hard.

Then my dear friend sends me Aliba Omu- Naava Grey early in the morning. ( I must have been like alcohol on his head) but well another good song especially done by a cool vocalist like Naava…I really want to watch her do a live perfomance. She is one of those artists I will pay to watch with no hesitation.

Now with those playing along side my usual country, soul, and gospel…I look forward to listening to more from you..

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