Nkwatako, togenda nkumako……..Anyways getting to business….but aah it’s freedom of expression bwana!..(ssh voices in my head).

Well, sometime this week I was watching Miria Matembe lose her head, sorry be a spokes person for God. I wonder if he asked her  . I know we are asked to be fishers of men but as much as I was as agitated as she was over the speaker of Parliament using a holy bible to swear in and later visit the shrine for thanksgiving, I know the constitution of uganda has a  clause for freedom of worship. Not sure if it has one for Luke warm worship too…but most of us don’t even know we are Luke warm. We don’t worship in spirit and on truth. Saturday night we drinking heavy and dancing and worshipping the club jajjas then Sunday morning we are in church praying as if it was a “miss if you must wedding” ….. sorry we are talking about freedom of expression.


Anha, freedom of expression is good.but how free is it that it guarantees you to speak all your nonsense. Sorry, that it guarantees one full expression…even with face, unmerited favor, you are responsible for your actions what about the words you say? Anha especially to human kind. See, even those gods ain’t loyal.or they don’t know what they want. Why aren’t they jealous enough to question under whose authority she serves?.

Anyway, I normally say words be the death of me either written or spoken but not for once will my loyalty kill me. Nga I can talk banange! But I have come to realize not all my opinions can be aired out. So how much do you say, when do you say it, how and to which audience…Now you are going to say then that’s not freedom. Shut up. Even when you are entirely on your own as a child, broken free from parents you limit your freedom. Even when  you think you owe no explanations to anyone you do to yourself. Misuse your freedom and trust me it will catch up. You will be accountable so day so don’t continue to sin because grace abounds hhmmm…

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