Monster Husband #Freesamwyri

So, I wanted to get married (just to get away with it maybe). I loved him , he was nice and sweet and I believed he was the one. The first couple of years I was in total bliss until that fateful night when he cheated and turned tables just to protect his ego.

I confronted him but that didn’t pay off as I expected. I was locked in our bedroom for a couple of nights, my phone and laptop were taken and j couldn’t access the other side of the wall. He made sure I had my mealsbut the damage was more emotional than physical. He told my family I had travelled and will return soon (but how could I travel without telling my mom atleast). He set me free after a couple of nights but I wasn’t free, I was married to fear even after he apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again. I was mad but how else was I supposed to free myself from the vows I made? So, I forgave him and thought I would tuck it away into the past but I failed. I forgave him because of my vows and society and for my children. I didn’t wish this for them, a monster dad…Nooo. so I stayed.

A month later he drove past me at the bus stop laughing hard with a male work mate least did I know…besides having an arrested speech and followed footsteps I didn’t think he would beat me up again..He was afraid I would take revenge and cheat so he beat the GRACE out of me. My home house grew dark, but how could I walk away without my children?

He didn’t have to beat me daily for me to know I married a monster. My vows kept resounding in my small head. I had lost my home to a house, my speech to my throat, my esteem to my movements. It was a bad marriage one I would survive with a bloodshed or death


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