Kabagarame the biggest pork joint i have seen
Kabagarame the biggest pork joint i have seen

20160604_183325So, my friend canceled her birthday trip to bunyonyi and i decided i wanted to go to Bushenyi. I had read a lot about it and the only place i desired to go to was jacana (i didn’t even take the direction there but i shall do a repeat. Traveling solo has always been something i want to do. I could have done it a lot of times now but this was different, i was going to a place i had never been to.

The bus trip seemed longer than it was meant to be. The bus broke down(yes, my cousin said global never got issues but it did even before we set off at 9:30am. So imagine my sleep hurt). We were transferred into another bus and at about 10:30am we got moving…i played music on my phone which i later turned off because the bus had a TV and they were playing local music videos. i sat next to an old man who read newspapers and filled in cross puzzles the whole journey so there wasn’t anything to discuss. I slept on the bus a couple of times and then we got to Masaka. people got off others got on and were were still moving until Mbarara. the town has change much since i was last there. i got off and gave my cousin a call for directions, she said “get a taxi or a drone” (now being the girl i am, i imagined the drone used for cameras or flight drones). I asked one of the guys around and they pointed me to a taxi. I told the conductor i was going to Ishaka and i wasn’t sure of the place and he said,’i will take you its just 5k’. now, 5k for a journey is quite a journey. I got in and he packed 24 passengers instead of 14 and nobody minded apart from but, so i figured its how its done.

Sitting next to a drunkard who spoke non stop jeez, i couldn’t wait to get off. I called my cousin again after about one and a half hours when i got off, she asked me to get a boda guy who i gave the phone for directions and ten minutes later i was in her compound. (very tired of speaking Runyankole after my drunko neighbor couldn’t shut up about women and marriages and urban rural migration for work). She had made lunch already so i had lunch we talked i rested a bit, her husband showed up and then my touring started.

So, Kitagata- hotsprings. Hmmm after one of the guys i had gone with fought with one of the care takers about collecting money from us yet it was government property and not liable for gate collections, we got in. I see all these very old grannies, teen, youth, kids, women and men naked in the pool others lying on the rocks believing for healing, i knew God was right to hide. ‘Don’t these people later get attracted to each other sexually with all this nakedness? i asked’. Hardly, one guy responded from my left. ‘everyone comes with their problems and they are too focused.’ he added. My cousin pointed me to small shacks and said ‘those are lodges 1k per night.’ My jaw dropped, but she had already warned me to act normal before i laugh loud and get bewitched. So I moved to the part where water was boiling and people were fetching with cups to drink and the other side boiling eggs. (they didn’t get ready, the lady said she was trying)

One man realized i was new, and led me to the ‘heart’ where people kneel and pray and ask the ‘heart’ for anything they desired. (i recalled days of idol worship in the Jesus movies). The water was indeed hot, (haven’t figured how the rocks boil water but am thinking hard on it). We left and headed to a resort beach with a single hut that prepared pork, had Dinner and went home.

If my friend Daron ever visited the place i went to the next day, they will have to carry him or build him a house. the biggest pork joint i have seen,Kabagarame. (translated as let the lie down, probably with stomachs up. ..my own translation) a very huge crowd and only pork is made, all types, all brands. If #Beersandbeer or Blankets and wines ever needed a place western, this is ideal. Hardly any sodas sold, alcohol, local wines and pork. The crowd mainly travelers from Kampala, i saw very many faces from Kampala i know. it only operates weekend but its always full jeez.


So, my Trip ended. i saw my expectant cousin, the city, the food, so i enjoyed my stay. Jacana, i will make a return.










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