The MisFit.

“What are you doing in my bed?”, she asked.

Eyes wide* he said,

‘we are married.’…

She looked down at her fingers and let out a scream…NOooooO”

‘What have i done to myself?”

he looked on shocked..

‘We wedded yesterday,’ he said…

She ran into the bathroom in tears…


Many nights she sat up wondering,

she gave herself away yet he still required more

she laid bricks following his blue print

but all he could see was a misfit.


She buried her face in her palms and sobbed.

its been 1 year, 5 months and 2 days

everyday she wept for having lost herself,

and cried more for trying but never being right

she blamed herself.

She had become a Misfit.

Her life a nightmare.


‘I didnt work hard to be a misfit’..she said

this is not the life i envisioned…

she walked out.




















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