Love Wins?

With trouble she lifted her swollen eye lids to look at the world that was caving in on her. She had handed the right keys to (her heart) the wrong man or he was just right at the wrong time.

In her small house that held thousands of friends, warmed many friendships and shared thousands of warm smiles, always scented with the smell of freshly brewed coffee was where she now sat all alone. She lifted herself up and drew her curtains to block any form of light coming in.

Her heart, in her palms dripping down to her neatly polished floor. she was broken. “is this how Hosea felt for Gomer?”. She had handed her innocence excitedly to him, wore her heart out and in exchange he gave her broken vows and a dessert of infidelity. He wore his personality inside out that she had been  fooled. He said he loved her, he said it over and over again but only him knows if he really meant it. Her friends battled with the relationship but ‘love always wins’. So love won her an adulterer, a battler, the love of her life, yes tears every single night and love kept her friends.

As she sat there with all the thoughts running miles through her head, the phone went off….ring ring….she stared blankly at it till it stopped. beep,beep messages came in and voice notes. She picked it up and started to listen. “hey, its shantal, the girls and i are wondering if you will join us for tea this weekend”. “hey girl what happened to your phone?” “hey…hey….” they went on and on and on.

Once again she turned off her phone and sunk deep in her empty thoughts. Her pain, pinching deep like they had drilled her soul out she clung unto her pillow and let out a loud scream, her stomach hurt and her throat soar, suffocating from everything around her, everything that she once woke up to excitedly.



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