Love Wins? *2*

Her speech was stolen for a while and replaced with tears. Her hands empty and soul dry, love made her ashamed. She always desired something simple like not being second.

Her story became too twisted that none of her friends could keep up. One day she is defensive and the next she hates the life out of him and another she is confused. A collage of mixed feelings is what she wore. Her marriage was nothing functional but something she entered because she was stylish. She said she love him or (she thought she did) so with her diamond glued to her finger tat she once waved about because she was finally off the rack, she let her tears down freely. She stopped pretending to be strong, trying to make it work because she only ruined the little left.

She knew he would fall short (but not this soon) , she had only begun to enjoy him and their life together. But see, Love covers a multitude (she thought even without knowledge of its depth) on her knees she landed.Pleaded for her soul to be broken and for her load to be lifted. She was served at Calvary even when she didn’t understand much she knew this is the only place she knew that rescued her, the only place where love wins and the only way to get there was on her knees speaking the prayer language.

She run out of patience, her knees were taking time (or so she thought). She wondered how her mama managed for so many years and not for once let the world know that she hurt or even seen markings of tears on her face, she ran to church.


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