Size Yange

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I felt a grip at my wrist and before i could think of the words to spit out, he said “jangu baby nkuguze“. Still holding unto my hand, i turned to my cousin who knew my mouth was yet to move like a typewriter, grabbed my other hand and dragged me. Eissh! can you imagine his guts?,i said. She laughed and said, “these Park men will beat us up or embarrass us and i saw you were about to go verbal on him.”

We kept walking headed to where the Bwaise Taxis line up (or are supposed to line queue as they wait on people), another one walks so close for him to whisper “size yange“. with a frown i turned to look at the person that was claiming to be my size and i burst out in laughter because he clearly was over size. So any way we keep on, carrying our heavy bags because we were from doing some downtown shopping, we reach the Bwaise Stage and we stand right under the poster that reads Bwaise-Wandegeya and the taxis that were parked were of Nansana.

Now, all the shopping plus the disrespect from these men, the noise caused me an extreme amount of lassitude that left me quiet exhausted that i just wanted to get into a taxi and go home. I ask one of the guys singing Nansana,Nansana…where the Bwaise Taxis are, he says “lindako Zigya”. (in my head). Its the park i expect as many Taxis here as i can find instead of going up and standing by the road. But well, since i was exhausted i placed dowm my things and stood with my Cousin waiting for the taxis to come.

A gentleman man, carrying a heavy box on his head came shouting Fas,Fas…Muveyo and another hawking water at his back .

My cousin: Babe, Eno Paaka Enkadde. Not just for Taxis they hawk everything and anything, rob everything and anything and its a place they will Baptise you with a new name and someone will claim they know you but you have never seen them.

Soon as she was done, the taxi man that earlier told me to wait calls out, “Nakitto, Taxi yiino“. I hahad.






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