“this is where i will start my come back. i will waste no time questioning God…(sigh) its hard but, here i am”

He left home like any other day after they said their morning devotion. He left and said he wont be back till the next day. “drive safe,” she called out. Least did she know.

At exactly 4am a call came through. ‘Hello, madam the owner of this phone had just had a fatal accident and has died on spot’. The Unfamiliar voice from the other side of the phone said. Frozen, she looked down at her phone and and her one month old baby. A knock at the door came through and she rushed hoping it was her husband but it was her auntie. Samalie…she  called out stretching her arms to embrace her, and then She collapsed in her chest.

She cried till her knees couldn’t support her legs. ‘God, i have only been married 7 months with a baby too young to even recall his face, why today, why now’. Her auntie holding her closely, they sat at the floor of her two roomed house. The neighbors were awoken by the loud weeping and rushed to see what had happened.

“My husband is dead” she said raising her hands helplessly to the sky. The hands that were always lifted in worship and stretched out to his hug. the neighbors sympathizing with her, comforted her and helped her plan and prepare. The old women of the village advised and burial plans were made. Her in laws rushed to hospital to pick his remains and head to the burial place.

Her speech smooth, they feared she wont make it the next day. She stood strong and bold talking about her late husband but their fears came to pass when his body was descended down. She collapsed. Her son was baptized on the same day but she didn’t see it all. She lay helpless on the floor. Few minutes later she regained consciousness and sat in wait.

I am starting all over,i have to be strong for my son. am going to face this world and fight till my last drop of sweat. Son, i am going to make you and daddy proud. Tomorrow the sun wont refuse to shine.








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